Online Video Slots

The land based video slots machines were developed more than 100 years from now at San Francisco. But with advancement of modern technologies, it became possible to play video slots from one’s own home. It was during 1990s that slot games were adopted for online casino sites. There are approximately more than 500 different varieties of casino games available on the net.

For playing online slot games, a player has to download gaming software. Both free and real money games are available on the online casino sites such as An online player also requires opening a player’s account with the gaming company.

The online video slot games are more or less similar to the ones played at the land based casinos. The online video slots have five reels whereas the land based slot games is played with three spinning wheels following the traditional strategies.

The slots games played online are very exciting. The games are accompanied by attractive graphics and video and audio effects are also there. For online video slot games different symbols can be used. They can be either wild symbols, multipliers and scatter symbols. The traditional three reel slot games comprise only one payline but the online video slots can have even nine paylines.

The online video slots symbols displayed in a grid system that are arranged in columns and rows. When the machine is set on a spin, the symbols start rotating within the rows and columns and then they are randomly arranged as soon as the spinning stops. The five reels of the online video slots are set behind each of the column and represent a symbol at the stop of the spin.

The Bonus Video Slot Machine is the most popular among many other online slot machines, particularly at UK casinos such as UK Casino Club and other European casinos. Players get the advantages of free spins and extra credits if they opt to play on Bonus Video Slot Machines. Other than Bonus Video Slot Machines, there are many other online slot machines which include Multi Line Slot Machines, Single Line Slot Machine, Fruit machines, and Progressive Slot Machine. Another great game that takes online casino gaming to the next level is the brand new Lord of the Rings slot. This game uses the most advanced technology and even has clips from the movie playing in the background as the reels spoin. Make sure you check it out!