Video Slot History

The history of video slot can be traced back to more than 100 years. Previously the slot machines were also known by the names of penny machine or one arm bandits. The video slot machine was developed in 1895 in San Francisco by Charles Fey. The machine made from cast iron consisted of an external lever, a slot for inserting coins and three reels. For more information on this klicke hier!

Soon the game of video slot became popular in casinos and different stores. It was a trend to exchange the winnings for goods sold at the retail stores. Initially sweets and cigarettes were distributed among players as winnings. In 1905 the Mills Liberty Bell Machine was brought in. Following it the Operator Bell Machine was made in 1910. This slot machine had the symbols of fruit on its reels and due to this many people called it the fruit machine.

In the early decades of 1900 a dispute arose regarding legalization of gambling and casino games. The slot game survived the disputes and in 1930 a new kind of slot machine was adopted that was known as the Silent Bell. The previous models of slot machines made a lot of noises of spinning and clinking of coins but the new machine as the name goes was much quieter. The older machines of slot had a bell which started ringing when the player went for a winning mix. But in the later slot machines the bell was not installed. But following the older tradition, nowadays you will come across some of the slot machines that alert the players about a winning mix by sound of a bell.

The first electronic slot machine came in 1970s. The electronic machines ensured more secure and fairer gaming and also offered greater winning sums compared to the mechanical models. By 1990s the online casinos emerged and the video slot games became very popular. The games are nowadays played by using different gaming software like Micro Gaming, Cryptologic, Playtech etc at the online casino sites. Other than a few elements the rules of video slot games have remained almost same when it was adopted on web.